08 April 2010

Busy to a whole new level.

I've been so unbelievably busy this week. I have loads upon loads of make up work to do in my art classes. So much that I can hardly even begin to wrap my head around. ARGH.
Breathe, Margie. Breathe.


  1. It's ok, you will get it done, little by little, you will get it done.

  2. hi beautiful, it's ok, it's ok! you will get through it even if you have to not sleep for a few days. you can push through.

    also, is this or is this not a picture of you on this girl's thinspo site? i seem to remember that pink bra and underwear that i complimented you on. maybe it's not you? i don't know. anyway it reminded me of you (if it's not). and if it is you, just think: you're many people's thinspiration. :D