30 March 2010

Why I Hate Doctors

I went to the doctor today to get my worsening infection checked out. They took a little biopsy of it, tested it, and it's MRSA, just like I thought. But, luckily it's not in my bloodstream, and I caught it right on time, so I don't have to be hospitalized or anything. But that's the good news.

So the biopsy hurt really badly, even though it was just a small piece of skin removed, because the infected skin is incredibly tender. But anyways, once I got the biopsy back, they were like, "Yeah, we're gonna have to remove it." So, I expected them to give me some sort of anesthetic, at least a local one. No. Didn't happen. The woman who did it told me that it was going to feel sort of like getting an ear pierced, which we all know, doesn't really hurt at all. So, you know, I'm lying on the table, and the woman dresses the incision area, and get ready for something that feels like getting my ears pierced, and like a little slice for it to drain out of. WRONG. This woman cuts a freaking half-inch hole in my leg without anesthesia. And this lady is chattering away, while slicing my leg up. She seemed way too happy to be cutting a hole in my leg. Not to mention at this point, I'm like crying my face off, and I'm biting my tongue hard enough to make it bleed, just to keep myself from screaming. Then I passed out right before it was over.

It was awful.
I hate doctors.


  1. WTF?? I can't believe they didn't numb you or anything! They should have at least asked.
    That's fucking horrible.
    I hope your infection is gone for good, and that this experience will fade away first when you begin to go senile.

    But it's all over now, so try to take it easy and do something to make up for it. No need to dwell on ass hole doctors/nurses.

  2. Fucking sadists. That sucks. Sorry :( gah, liars, the lot o' them.

  3. Omg i am so suprised they didnt give you anesthetic... i had that even when i had this tiny little thing removed thats really strange done worry youll feel better :D x