10 April 2010


Going shopping with the boyfriend today. Lately shopping has been a nightmarish thing for me. I've gone almost a size up- nearly a size two. What my mother nor my boyfriend seem to be able to understand is that only a few months ago a size zero was two big, and now I'm having to squeeze in to one. Last time I went shopping, it ended in a crying breakdown in a changing room, a disgruntled Margaret, and a worried mother. I don't want to worry A. I already do that enough. He doesn't need any more shit to worry about. Honestly. Wish me luck.


  1. I hate that for you, with the size shit. So sorry. That sucks, and I know about the crying in the dressing rooms. I'd hug you if I was there. Here for you, dear.

  2. luck and luck and love and all my heart. please remember dearest that you used to be 120 lbs. this weight you've gained is nothing. losing it again is so easy. and how thrilled will you be when those pants you squeeze into today are loose again, hanging on your hip bones?

    xx x

  3. Just think, you have lost it before, you can lose it again. I hate shopping too though.

  4. you will get rid of that unnecessary fat if you really want to.
    wow, i do love your blog! you seem like an artsy person and i'd give anything for a 19-ish BMI.

    p.s. i'd be so happy if you checked out my blog, it's very new :)