10 April 2010

Today actually turned out wonderfully

We didn't even go to the mall. Which was nice. I got to meet A's step father today, who's been absentee for the past three months. He took A and I to men's warehouse so A could rent his tux for prom. He's kind of a dick. He's the only member of his family that I don't care for, the rest of them are absolutely wonderful. Especially his mom. She's one of the strongest women that I know, and she's incredibly sweet. We brought A's six-year-old brother along, who's the cutest, loudest most hyperactive thing on this planet. He'd be like, "Margaret? When is A gonna be done getting his tuck-zeedos?" I think he might have stolen a cuff link though. He claims to have found it outside, but I'm not too sure.
I fell asleep curled up with A today, which is kind of an accomplishment, in a sense. After Him, I've never really been at ease with myself enough to fall asleep with my boyfriends, but I guess I'm just really comfortable with A. He woke me up for about a second because his phone rang and he moved to turn it off (I have no recollection of this) and apparently was like, "fuck you bitch, I was comfortable" He thought it was cute.
I ate way too fucking much today, but other than that, today was awesome.


  1. Awesome that you had a good day.

  2. Good days are the days that will make you slide with ease through the bad days!
    Stay strong! X