25 April 2010

keep your mouth shut

Yesterday I almost told A everything.
The things that everyone knows, but I never tell.
If I tell, that makes them real. That makes them wrong.
I'll never tell.


  1. I get so close to telling people all the time. Like a desperate cry for help, just wanting all the inner pain to end...to ask for help with my screwy head.

    But I dont, because its never that easy.

    They are more likely to laugh, pat me on the head, and tell me to eat a banana and get my fat ass on the running track than consider how much pain Im in....

    I hope that one day you have enough confidence to tell A everything, he seems like a nice guy. Love, Sun-lit~ xx

  2. Its the same with me, i get so close like i actually same my friends name and shes like what, im just like oh nothing, its almost as if i want a cry for help, but i wont let myself because being thin matters to me and they wouldnt understand, good luck xx

  3. http://oiseaufol.tumblr.com/

  4. I feel that way about some secrets. If you say it out loud it suddenly makes them real. Then you have to face them.