30 March 2010

For you.

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This one's for you, my dear. You know who you are.
I wish that you weren't so far away, because I would come to you, and tell you how wonderful and smart and beautiful you are. And how much I admire you.
I'd reach inside your mind, if I could, and pull out all the monsters. I'd cut a few wires, and tie up some new ones, and I'd show you that you are real.
You are real. You are real. You are real. You are real. You are real.
Even if you don't believe it yourself yet, you will. You have plenty of others out there who are believing it for you.
I hate knowing that you're in pain. You have no idea how much I want to take it all away from you, so you can be happy. So you can be free.
You will be free. I promise.

With all the love in the world,


  1. I think I know who this is for - and I have to tell you, that if I am right, that I couldn't agree more.

    And, if I am right, you should also know she thinks the world of you and sitting next to me on my sofa showed me your blog, speaking only goodness about you x

    Hope you are feeling better, your tattoo is stunning and you will get to the weight you want, I hope I will too


  2. This is beautiful.

  3. you know, i read this post right away and was so awed by it that i could not comment then because i wanted to write you something beautiful. i am still waiting for that beautiful thing to come but i will tell you that you sent my heart into a leaping tizzy to know how much you care. how much you believe in me. how much strength you can pull out of yourself and give to me. because it means everything. i wish so badly you were not 2600 miles away and that i could come see you or you me.

    if you believe in me enough i will be real
    if you believe in me enough i will be visible
    if you believe in me enough i will be stronger
    if i believe in me enough i will be ok

    thank you thank you
    xx x