09 October 2010

today was half decent.
i took the sat this morning, and then just laid around and got fatter.
i managed to stay under 1000 calories today. i hope to keep continuously cutting back.
this coming week i want to stay at 750 or less, and cut back 250 a week.
taking it slow.
baby steps.

b-nature valley bar (190)
l-burrito and chips (352)
d- eel roll and spring roll (476)

trying to do better. would love some tips, help anything you have.
much love.


  1. keeping busy helps me.
    might help you too?


  2. Hi :)
    I just started following your blog, how motivated you are is amazing!
    Like 'pushing up daises' said, keeping busy really helps. Going for walks etc, or a new hobby like playing an instrument or drawing.