16 February 2010

Reese's Binge.

I'm waking up to one of thos awful late-night binge hangovers, where you can still taste the candy in the back of your throat, and it's too late to throw it all up. I got all manic yesterday around dinnertime, and I think I ate too much there. I can't really remember. Why can't I restrict like I used to?!


  1. ah I hate that when you still have candy lingering in your mouth from a crazy midnight binge.
    Don't worry todays a new day :)
    Chin up Margie

  2. I have a trick, drop a mint into a cup of hot water. It gives a little sugar to stop your blood sugar dropping low and making you binge again but it tastes all minty and clean so eating real food tastes gross.

    And you can, you will. Give it a little time.

  3. Its just a phase, it will pass, just have to keep trying. Hope you're ok. xo

  4. ahhhhh bunny! i'm glad you're back! well not really if being back means not being healthy again, but whatever, i'm glad to see you, or not really see you but hear from you! hmm. maybe i ought to still be sleeping? i did just hit a serious curb with my car like 10 minutes ago, so hard that my car actually weaved back and forth around the turn. it was pretty serious curb-hitting, even for me. i was mortally embarrassed, then i realized at least i hadn't killed anybody, so there's that.

    ummm, did i have a point?

    YES. it was: THANK YOU for that comment about French. because i know you're right. and you're the only reason i'm sitting down right now to study. not promising to not drop, but at least i'm going to give it a go instead of dropping it immediately. BAH depression. seriously, fucking up my life!

    i have been in and out of the ability to restrict / need to b/p five times a day...it's weird but that shit comes and goes with no rhyme or reason. right now i am mortally afraid to eat anything but cheerios and red vines. don't ask. i'm clueless. but it's kind of working.


    xx x

  5. You can restrict, but it's just one of those harder-to-restrict phases right now. It'll come back to you, you'll see. I promise.

    I've just phased through a restricting period into a period where it's all I can do to not eat constantly. I've gained 12lb in a few weeks (though a lot of it, I suspect, is constipation, because my gut is NOT functioning like it should! I take a handful of ex-lax 25mg a night, and not much ever happens...). I went from 113 to 125 very quickly. So now I'm attempting to fast for as long as I can, and then I'll see from there.

    Sheesh, SO frustrating when restricting/losing is so hard! Sorry, Margie.